Soup de January is coming to an end! January is the perfect month for soup; it’s filling, warm, and fairly lazy to make. Which is perfect, because I feel cold and lazy. I now have a fully stocked freezer full of soups, and they’ll be good to eat for at least the next few months. I bought some deli containers from Amazon that are perfect portion of soup. Soups make a great lunch to take to work!

Before each month’s theme begins, I make a list of all the ideas I have that relate to the theme. I take suggestions and always find a few other ideas throughout the month – making a pretty good list! For soups, I had 17 ideas! I ended up making 10 different kinds with one more planned. Many of these are “remakes” of my favorite foods – pizza, enchiladas, Reuben sandwiches – and all of these were amazing as soup!

Reuben soup deserves homemade marbled rye bread on the side.

I made these flavors – recipes are linked, changes I made are noted:

  • Black bean soup with chicken – my recipe, coming soon!
  • Reuben soup – I used half of all the ingredients except beef broth; I used 32 oz. I also used 2% milk instead of heavy cream. And I added celery.
  • Enchilada soup – I used my own fajita chicken recipe (coming soon), and shredded pepper jack instead of mozz.
  • White chicken chili – my recipe, coming soon!
  • Traditional beef chilisee my blog post for the recipe!
  • Buffalo chicken soup – I used slightly less chicken broth for a thicker soup. Extra bleu cheese made this even better!
  • White chicken lasagna soup – I adapted this from Carlsbad Cravings and will type it up eventually!
  • Orzo & Meatball soup – this one thickens up a ton when refrigerated and may need extra chicken broth.
  • Pizza soup – I cooked up the pepperoni before putting it in the soup, and I used homemade tomato sauce because I had it.
  • Pickle soup – borrowed from a friend!
  • Tomato soup – I’ll be trying this recipe on Friday (which is February!!) to serve with the perfect accompaniment to lead into February’s theme! I usually make tomato soup in the fall with the tomatoes from my garden, but this recipe uses canned tomatoes. Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite blogs so I have no doubt this will be amazing.

I didn’t get to these soups:

  • Cheeseburger soup
  • Split pea soup
  • Zoupa Toscana
  • White bean & sausage
  • Sausage & tortellini
  • Philly cheesesteak soup
  • Baked potato soup (I did make this last November!)
  • Corn & chicken chowder

I also paired these soups with fun things (and a lot of broccoli)! I made rosemary focaccia for the white chicken lasagna, Cuban sandwiches with the pickle soup, and marbled rye bread for the Reuben soup. Also, I even matched my pickle soup to my pickle socks!

Living my best life matching my socks and my soup!

My favorite new recipes were the pizza soup and white chicken lasagna! Both were thick and satisfying, which is how I prefer my soup. Which flavors are you most likely to try?

Stay tuned for February’s theme!

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