Cheesy Superbowl Party

This year the Superbowl fell on my husband’s birthday, making it the perfect reason to throw a cheese-filled party and knock a few things off my list of cheese goals for #fromagefebruary!

These sliders don’t really “count” toward my theme, even though they both contain cheese. Technically almost everything I make contains cheese! Both Philly Cheesesteak Sliders (using deli roast beef), and ham & cheese sliders  were super simple, make-ahead options, and even tasted great left over. I found a million variations of sliders that are great for serving a larger crowd.

From my cheese list, I made beer cheese to pair with fresh pretzel bites! These pretzel bites are super easy to make – only 10 minutes of rise time before cutting, boiling & baking. I made the beer cheese in advance and then put it in a small crockpot to heat later – this made the texture weird and it wasn’t my favorite. I also made honey mustard dip and spicy mustard dip (not pictured).

Last but not least, a cheesecake for the birthday boy. Usually he chooses peanut butter chocolate or Oreo cheesecake, but this year he wanted Bailey’s, but with an Oreo crust. I followed this recipe for the cheesecake filling, and instead of graham crackers, used 30 ground- up Oreos and 5 TBSP of butter for the crust. I pre-baked this for 8 minutes and then added the filling. Then I baked the entire cheesecake in a water bath to prevent cracks. Somehow the Bailey’s flavor seemed stronger after day or two!

What treats did you make for the Superbowl?

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