March Madness in my kitchen….

….has nothing to do with basketball.

According to my recent Ancestry results, I am up to 7% Irish! This gives me the perfect opportunity to pay tribute with some Irish meals, some more Irish than others. Irishish?

Behold, Irish ‘O March!

You may think, how many Irish things can you possibly make? And I’ll tell you homemade Irish Cream is on the menu, and then does anything else matter? Or Guinness brownies? Do we need anything else? Let’s live on those things for a month!

Here’s what’s on my radar so far as potential options:

  • Guinness Shepherd’s pie
  • Boxty potato cakes
  • Irish oats
  • Irish cream
  • Irish soda bread
  • Guinness brownies
  • Corned beef & cabbage
  • Bangers & mash
  • Reuben sandwiches (not really Irish, don’t care!)
  • Irish cream cookies
  • Car bomb cookies
  • Fish ‘n chips (is that really Irish? I mean, any worthy Irish pub serves fish ‘n chips)
  • Irish nachos
  • Homemade Shamrock shakes

What other Irishish delights can I make in March?

And some final thoughts on #fromagefebruary. Let’s be honest. February is too short to fulfill all of my cheese dreams. Although too long in all other aspects. Luckily, I found a cheese to lead me right into March!

Let #irishomarch begin!

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