Irish Goodbye

I guess this isn’t an Irish Goodbye I wouldn’t be sitting here typing up a month-end review of #irishomarch!

At first when I mentioned to my husband that I might have an Irish month, he said, how many Irish things can you possibly make!? Turns out – like 12 different “Irish-ish” foods!

Here’s what I made:

  • Guinness shepherd’s pie
  • Boxty Potato pancakes
  • Homemade Irish cream
  • Irish soda bread
  • Guinness brownies
  • Corned beef & cabbage
  • Reuben sandwiches (x2!)
  • Bangers & mash
  • Irish cream cookies
  • Fish & chips
  • Irish leek & potato soup
  • Irish salad

I would make every single of these recipes again.  As I’ve mentioned, the flavors and ingredients weren’t entirely new to me, but a few new formats.  The shepherd’s pie was rich & hearty and I’d make that again for a winter meal.  Bangers & mash was something new – and the Guinness gravy made it special.  The Irish leek & potato soup was surprisingly light and a perfect intro to Spring (spring…where are you…???), and the Irish salad might become a regular staple in this house.  Some of the other items I’ve made before and would continue to make again – at the very least, those Guinness brownies!!!  And that Irish cream!  

So considering that at first thought, it might be difficult to fill a month with Irish ideas, #irishomarch was a total success.

The only two things I didn’t make from my #irishomarch list of ideas:

  • Irish Car Bomb cookies – my own creation from last year. A Guinness chocolate cookie, with an Irish cream filling, drizzled with salted whiskey caramel. Delicious, painstakingly difficult to make. Next year.
  • Irish oats – I was going to use some Irish steel cut outs and try to make then palatable in the crockpot – but then I remembered how I don’t like them (weird texture) and I actually gave away my Irish oats. I prefer regular rolled oats.

Now it’s almost time for my April theme!!  It’s a new one that I did not do last year, and was suggested on Facebook by a friend earlier this year.  It’s….#boozeinfusedapril!

Stay tuned for all sorts of fun culinary creation, infused with beer, liquor or wine!

What booze-infused recipes can I make in April??

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