Booze infused…vacation

For the second year in a row, our friends have traveled with our families down to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and stayed in condos on the beach. It’s a lazy week of lounging by the pool, enjoying drinks and meals together, and just relaxing. Since there are 16 people to feed, we make meals together and plan several brunches and dinners. Now, these rental condo kitchen aren’t exactly a chef’s dream come true. So I come prepared with my trusty chef’s knife and few staple ingredients. And by choosing #boozeinfusedapril as my theme this month, I knew working booze into my vacation meal planning wouldn’t be a problem!

First up, the ladies made a brunch for everyone. We chose boiled omelets in a bag. Super easy to make and customize for all the picky eaters. On the side, I made this mimosa bread! The recipe included orange juice and champagne in both the bread and the glaze on top. I premixed the dry ingredients at home, knowing we’d need to get the other things here anyway (including egg and sour cream). I didn’t think the condo would have a bread pan (and I was right), so I brought my own. This bread was so moist and light and absolutely delicious. I even turned a few leftover pieces into French toast at the end of the week- but I forgot to get a picture of that! I would definitely make this recipe again.

Everyone knows that tacos are my jam, so I volunteered for taco night. It’s the perfect way to feed a crowd (of picky eaters). I have a go-to chicken marinade but I mixed it up a little this time and added orange juice, Jalapeño, and tequila based on this recipe from Ina Garten. I marinaded the meat overnight, cooked it in the (worst) stovetop (ever) in the morning, and shredded it for tacos. Ideally I would have grilled or broiled the chicken. The taco bar included a few packets of Mexican rice, black beans, salsa, shredded cheese, lettuce and sour cream. And my infamous fancy guac, but that deserves its own post.

Let’s pretend this salad is healthy (lol)…

Beer bread was the easiest thing to prep ahead. I mixed all the dry ingredients in a ziplock and wrote the instructions on the outside, to add butter and beer before baking. Saving a beer all week to make this bread was the most challenging part. This bread was perfect with both Jalapeño artichoke dip and pimento cheese.

And the most obvious booze infused treat was pudding shots– and they were so good I never took a picture! Cookies & cream pudding, a little milk, vodka, and cool whip. I think I need to start keeping a constant supply of those in our freezer!

Now that vacation is over and I’ll be back to my own kitchen gadgets and appliances, I’ve got many more booze infused recipes to try this month!

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