scRUMptious food

Considering that rum is a by product of pure sugar – it’s surprising that I don’t love it in a drink. However, it’s my husband’s go-to, so there’s no shortage of rum in this house. It seemed only fair that I could use his stash to make a few things for #boozeinfusedapril.

The Malibu rum is mine…only to be used for super fruity drinks with umbrellas!

This weekend was by far the nicest weekend we’ve had in Michigan in about 7 years. Or at least 7 months. Either way – it was the perfect weekend to grill! The grill was still covered up, so after dragging out the deck furniture and enjoying a cold beer, a grilled meal was just what I was craving.

I chose to make pineapple & rum beef kabobs. Pineapple & rum are a natural combination (thank you, Hawaii!) and paired well with some sirloin steak and veggies. I made a marinade to let the meat soak all day – and the pineapple juice helped keep the meat nice and tender. I cut all of my goodies – red & orange peppers, red onion, and the fresh pineapple the same size to help with grilling time.

I cut the steak into bite size cubes to marinate with pineapple juice, rum, beef stock, diced shallots, and seasonings. The original recipe I found did not call for any additional seasoning, but I felt like I needed something. I rooted around in my cabinets and found a spice blend I purchased in Hawaii. A grilling seasoning would work, or just some salt, pepper, and garlic.

I’ve read that you should not put meat and veggies on the same kabob, because of the different cooking time. However, I find that mixing your skewers with beef is fine. Chicken is another story because you can’t take a chance it’s not cooked through once the veggies are done. With steak – I prefer it pink anyway. If it makes you uncomfortable, put all the meat on separate skewers. Also, for wooden skewers, you should soak them in water for at least an hour or they’ll burn – and they may still burn. I prefer metal skewers but couldn’t find my so I used wood and the ends of them all started on fire.

To serve with the kebabs, I made Jalapeno Pineapple rice, which was the perfect side. Potatoes didn’t seem like the right fit, and neither did a salad, considering the other veggies on the kebabs. Side note – I always remove everything from the skewers before serving or else someone ends up flinging a cube of steak across the room.

In my search for booze infused recipes, I came across a number of rum cakes. As much as I love cake, that just seemed like too much of a commitment. Until I found a recipe for banana rum cake. We actually hosted Easter brunch at our house and I knew I had to incorporate SOMETHING booze infused into the menu. I’ll never say these words again, but with a baked french toast on the menu, and loads of Easter candy, I felt like a dessert wasn’t necessary. OMG I’m sorry, I don’t mean that. Anyway, this cake kinda felt like a dessert, but worked well with the rest of the brunch menu. Somehow I forgot a picture of the whole spread!

I followed the recipe exactly as written, using extra ripe bananas I had in the freezer. I let them thaw for a bit and then drained off the excess liquid before adding the rum. While I couldn’t specifically taste the rum, the cake was light – especially for a banana cake – and perfectly sweet! I have a go-to banana muffin recipe, but the muffins are definitely more dense than this cake.

Banana rum cake

It’s only fair that I work MY favorite booze into a meal, so stayed tuned for a vodka meal coming soon!

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