#gyrojune Mediterranean meals

Well, despite this month being too busy for me to write a single blog post, I did manage to make a wide variety of delish Mediterranean foods for #gyrojune!

In order from top to bottom, then left to right:

1. Falafel pita wrap – deep fried chick pea fritters in pita with hummus, veggies, and tahini sauce.

2. Spicy feta lamb burgers with tzatziki with Greek salad of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion & feta cheese.

3. Street cart chicken & rice – marinated chicken thighs with turmeric & cumin seasoned rice, served with yogurt sauce and harissa salsa.

4. Pastitsio – pasta layered under flavorful tomato & beef sauce, topped with rich béchamel and cheese.

5. Lamb gyros – homemade lamb & beef gyro meat wrapped in pita bread with tomato, onion & tzatziki.

6. Dolmades – grape leaves filled with rice & beef, drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

7. Chicken gyro salad – marinaded chicken thighs with fresh vegetables and a tzatziki dressing.

8. Lamb gyro pizza – leftover gyro meat with red onion, bell pepper, artichoke, feta, mozzarella, dipped in tzatziki.

9. Spanakopita – buttery phyllo layers with spinach and cheese

10. Baklava – buttery, flaky layers of phyllo dough, nuts & cinnamon, with a honey syrup.

11. Not pictured – countless batches of homemade hummus. This is a labor of love, easy, but slow, and totally worth it for a true hummus lover.

ALL of it was delicious. I love love love Mediterranean food and love that I can make it at home! Surprising new favorites are the lamb gyros and pastitsio!

Stay tuned with July’s theme, which WILL come with more blog posts!

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