End of March thru Europe

Who knew March would last one million days this month? It feels like I started the #marchthrueurope that long ago. I had just one more thing to make this week, to revisit a country we’d already visited earlier in the month.

When I made Steak Shawarma bowls earlier this month, they were good, but I felt like I wanted to try something a little new, albeit somewhat familiar, to me. Having not gotten groceries in several weeks, a few of the appealing ideas I found were not options. I found a recipe for Turkish Pide that caught my eye – basically Turkish street pizza – made of all ingredients I had on hand. Pide (said like “PEE-dae” not “Pie-duh”) is basically an oval or boat-shaped Turkish street pizza.

I made two kinds, one with ground turkey (the recipe calls for beef, and I had none), peppers, and seasonings. The other combined both ricotta & feta cheeses and had an egg cracked on top. The cheese version was our favorite! The meat mixture was delicious – and had a kick – but I felt like it needed cheese (Americanized?). When I ate the leftovers, I added pepperjack. I still have leftover meat; I froze it and it think it would be delicious inside a quesadilla, with lots of cheese.

Turkish pide – ricotta & feta with a cracked egg, and meat with peppers & seasonings

That was my 10th meal of #marchthrueurope! Let’s review where my kitchen has been:

  1. Greece – chicken gyros with roasted garlic
  2. Spain – chicken & andouille paella
  3. Germany – pork schnitzel and pretzels
  4. France – coq au vin with brown butter egg noodles + madeleines
  5. Turkey – steak shawarma bowls
  6. Ireland – Reuben sandwich and Irish salad
  7. France (again) – beef bourguignon + crepes
  8. Poland – cheddar pierogies with caramelized onion & bacon + kielbasa
  9. Belgium – Liège waffle
  10. Turkey (again) – Turkish pide

The UNANIMOUS favorite in our house was….cheddar pierogies!! This recipe was surprisingly easy to execute, it was fun for my husband & I to make together, and it was extremely delicious. I will definitely be making pierogies again to share!

The rest of the week in my kitchen was spent being creative with remaining groceries and random things in my freezer. I usually get groceries several times a week, so now that it’s been well over two weeks, I’m trying to be creative before I get groceries again (or start April’s theme).

A few other things I made this week using leftovers stashed in my freezer:

  1. Leftover meat + tortillas from our take out meal last week became “sour cream enchilada lasagna”. I made a small batch of sour cream enchilada sauce and layered tortillas, meat, cheese and sauce in a small cake pan. Corn tortillas tend to break easily, so rather than rolling them, stacking them makes this more like a casserole.
  2. Chili baked potato – my last container of chili in the freezer from January – on top of my last russet potato.
  3. Waffle Sundae – leftover waffles from last weekend + ice cream + chocolate sauce I found in the very back of my fridge.
  4. Cornmeal fried pork chops & smashed potatoes – not really leftovers, but I had bought extra pork chops when I made German Schnitzel. So I tried a new recipe that I found on one of my favorite sites, Smitten Kitchen.

And it wouldn’t be a complete week without some baking, trusting my favorite source, Sally’s Baking Addiction. I made bagels (and then, egg sandwiches), and chocolate chip cookie brownie bars – just a half batch of those! Cookie + mini peanut butter cups + brownie = not sure why I’d never made these before!?

And my personal favorite meal of the week – my pub fare spread. I made buffalo chicken fingers, pretzels (I had dough in the freezer leftover from German night), oven baked fries, and broccoli bites (loosely interpreted; recipe reduced to about 1/3). A fun dinner to have when we can’t go out.

Nothing from Half Baked Harvest this week, although as soon as I get new groceries, there’s several recipes I want to make!

As for April, I am still working on that theme. Trying to be creative, limit trips to the grocery store, and smartly prepare food that can be reinvented to keep you from getting bored! More to come next week!

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