The best taco I ate this week

This week’s menu was entirely tacos! I made 5 different recipes, all from Half Baked Harvest cookbooks or online recipes. Every single taco was delicious and I’d make them all again, but there was a unanimous “winner” of the week.

Avocado breakfast taco. Crispy prosciutto, scrambled egg, cheese, spinach, fried shallots, and some avocado crema leftover from the night before. The taco was topped with a quick roasted tomato salsa made with canned fire roasted tomatoes and chipotle peppers. This taco fulfilled more taco dreams than I knew I ever had.

Hawaiian pineapple shrimp taco with creamy jalapeno sauce. Made on one sheet pan – shrimp, pineapple, shallots roasted together with soy sauce, sriracha and a few other seasonings. While everything roasted, I made the quick “special sauce” of yogurt, lime, jalapeno, and fresh corn. The sauce was tangy and spicy and a perfect compliment to the shrimp & pineapple.

Blackened mahi mahi taco with mango salsa. This was a super easy meal – the mahi mahi was pan seared for just a few minutes, and the biggest effort was chopping mango for the salsa. Bright and refreshing – and the best part of the taco? A smear of cream cheese on the tortilla. The only downside was my nemesis corn tortilla, which immediately fell apart when I picked up the taco. I have an idea for next time; I did like this enough to make it again.

Sweet potato & chorizo taco with black bean salsa and roasted poblano crema. Smoky chorizo and sweet potato belong together for sure. Next time, I would actually combine the sweet potato, chorizo, and black bean salsa and make a super cheesy quesadilla. The roasted poblano cream was my favorite part of this meal! Make this sauce immediately and top all your tacos with it.

Chicken Tinga taco with pickled jalapeno pineapple salsa. Same seasonings used to make last week’s crispy chicken tinga taquita, but instead with shredded chicken, and feta cheese. I was a bit skeptical but as usual, the Half Baked Harvest recipe was spot on with flavor.

Only one new marg, a spicy ginger mango margarita, that I served with the mahi-mahi taco. Mango juice, and muddled fresh mango & ginger, with lime, tequila, soda and jalapeno. Sweet and refreshing with a little kick. I LOVE a spicy margarita, especially since many of the other ingredients are usually very sweet. Sweet, plus a kick, and a salty rim – can’t beat that.

All of these tacos were so unique, it didn’t feel like we “just” ate tacos every day this week. And while each recipe has it’s own salsa or “special sauce” pairing, I’ve been using the leftover salsas and sauces with every meal to find my favorite combinations.

But most importantly, what was the best taco of the week????

The avocado breakfast taco!! So simple, no prep needed, but worthy of a brunch party someday. I made it on a whim on Sunday morning and even with 4 more tacos to follow during the week, it still was my favorite!

What unique taco should I make next?

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