Last week of…

The last week of May was the last week of #mexicanmay / #mayiplease have a taco month….and the last of my 30’s. My 30’s certainly ended with a bang. While so many things can be said, I’ll keep it simple. I feel pretty confident in saying that “normal” life as we knew it will be and should be different, for so many reasons.

For this post, I’ll share 3 things: a summary of May’s theme, June’s theme announcement, and how I ended up 30’s.

May’s theme is my favorite, every year. Mexican food never gets old to me. I made a TON of dishes this month, many from Half Baked Harvest, and I’d happily almost all of them again. While I’ve previously tried some more challenging or authentic recipes, it was fun to work through recipes with a different perspective, using many flavors and ingredients I know and I love. Just this past week I got a new Mexican cookbook, so while May ended, my love affair with Mexican food will continue.

FAVORITE MEAL: Queso smothered beef burrito (Shaun), vampiro tacos (Christine)

MOST SURPRISING: Avocado breakfast taco

BEST MARG: Spicy grapefruit margarita (Christine), pineapple beer lime margarita (Shaun)

#mexicanmay / #mayipleasehaveataco

And now on to June’s theme….I just bought a new grill this spring, and it’s time to put it to good use! I know there are all sorts of fancy grilling techniques that exist, but my primary goal is to make delicious food approachable. So I’ll be testing some recipes that have caught my eye, sharing tips on how I grill some of my favorite foods, and how to avoid some common mistakes. “Men” always get the title of grilling kings, and that just motivates me to become the grillmaster of my home. We’ll call this….#grillgirljune!

Last but not least, how I ended my 30’s! Cooking for others is typically how I show love, but I also love when others cook for me. While restaurants are still not open for dine-in around me, I wouldn’t have wanted anything else for a birthday dinner with my friends. We had felt like we’d be consistently disappointed when we did go out to eat (when was that, like last year??). Bad service, just ok food, and a large bill. Our group loves to cook together and have family style dinners and it seems like every week, we make an even better meal than the last. This meal was no exception. My friends made all of my favorites, pictured below.

I have never felt so loved, or so full, as I did after this meal!

The last meal of my 30’s was actually another Mexican meal – grilled nonetheless – shared with my family. Catching up was a much bigger priority over a photo, however, I’ll be making something similar again this week so I’ll share that soon.

What’s your favorite food to grill?

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  1. Hi! I love grilling any and all meats but really the grill does something to veggies and I think grilling vegetables like peppers and tomatoes are the best. Also, I use the grill when I make salsa as it makes grilling the chile peppers and tomatoes easier.


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